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Dalby Database Search Tips

Here is a list of search tips for using our most valuable resource for Southern Minnesota history research, These tips come directly from the the man behind the website, John Dalby himself.

All Dodge, Goodhue, Le Sueur, Rice,  Steele and Waseca County Cemeteries are coded.

Some cemeteries are coded in the following counties
Blue Earth, Carver, Dakota, Grant, Lac Qui Parle, McLeod, Morrison, Ramsey, Scott and Sibley, Lyon and many more

Click on Complete Cemetery Code List,  Scroll down to find name of the cemetery you wish to search or click on COUNTY to sort and scroll down to see all in the County. The code for the cemetery is after the cemetery name.  Go back to the main screen and enter the code in the Section box and click search. 

Farm Burials Code

Goodhue County – GCFB
Rice County – RCFB
Steele County - SCFB

Enter the code into the SECTION box and click search.  If more than 1000
enter the first letter of the last name in the LAST NAME box 

With the code in the SECTION box enter one of the following in the NOTES box, Vet..,Accident, Drown, Killed, Fire, a surname, a date in the BIRTH or DEATH box, etc.  

Maple Lawn Cemetery - To see all in section M, search MEN M  To see all in lot 15, search MEN M-15. 

The Cemetery File has over 900,000 records.  You can search any field.  If not sure of spelling  (example) type  R in last name field and R in first name field and click on search. 
In the notes field search DROWN.  In the death date field search OCT/2007 it will show all that died in that month.  In the Notes Field search for Hinckley and you will find all known that died in the Hinckley fire in 1894.  Search HOLLOW TREE in the notes field for a interesting story.

Search household number to find everyone in that household.  Over 48,000 entries.
Owatonna Orphanage Kids.  Over 1200 entries. 1900-10-20-30. Search 10482 in the Household Field.

Church Records
Dakota County - East Christiana
Goodhue County - Aspelund - Gol - Hauge - Holden
Rice County - Christdala, Eklund, Faribault Mengihet - First English - Fox Lake - Immanuel - Markers - Zion.

Steele County - Moland - Sacred Heart, Owatonna

City Directory
In the date field type 1865 in the city field type FARIBAULT, in the address field type MAIN and then click search.  This will show everyone on Main Street in Faribault in 1865.
Type 1018 in the address field and Faribault in the city field, click search.  This shows everybody living at that address in those years listed.  Also in this file is a business directory showing all businesses in every town in Minnesota and the Dakota territory in 1880 and 1865.

The 1880 directory is a business directory of the State of Minnesota and the Dakota Territory.  Search Hennepin County in the City Field, search Yankton in the City Field for all in Yankton, South Dakota.  Search Saloon in the Occupation Field and 1880 in the Date Field, search NUTTING in occupation field and 1957 in date field to see all working at Nutting Truck & Castor in 1957.

Civil War
Civil War File contains 26,000 names & data of Civil War veterans who mustered in the State of Mn. Enter RICE in the County Box and click search to see all that mustered in Rice County.

Search “Newspaper Articles” for “Church” in the Last Name field

County/Township Histories Individual Biographies
Search “Newspaper Articles” by Last Name.

Faribault History
Search “Newspaper Articles” for “Faribault” in the “Last Name” field, and in the “First Name” field search: City Of, Industries, Churches, State Institutions, Organizations, Early Milling

Lygin Studio Negatives
Search “People in Books” by name, or search “Historical” in the book field or “Lygin” in the Township field.

The “Military” book refers to the book compiled by John Dalby titled “Rice County Military Personnel, Volume I: War of 1812, Mexican War, Civil War, Spanish-American War, World War I” (355.3 JD)

Search “Newspaper Articles” for “Grist Mill, Flour Mill, etc” in the “Data” field.
Search “Newspaper Articles” for the township or village in the “Last Name” field.

Newspaper Articles
Search Cheese Factory in the data field.  These are headlines to articles from Rice County Newspapers and also some articles.  

Search the name of a county, township or village in the Last Name Field and read their history.

Northfield Bank Raid
Search “Newspaper Articles” for “James” in the “Land Name” field.

Obits starting in 1858,   Search the Date Field for 1875 to see all obits in that year.  

Type MAPLE LAWN in the Notes Field and click search to read 1000 obits on interments in Maple Lawn Cemetery.  Type A in the last name field along with Maple Lawn in the notes field and search and continue with B, C, etc

The OBITUARIES FILE also contains biographies of early settlers throughout the state of Minnesota.  In the notes field search RAMSEY COUNTY to see all in that County.  We add to this file daily.

Owatonna Orphanage Orphanage Census
Search “Census” for “10482” in the “Household” field. Years available are 1900, 1910, 1920 and 1930.

People in Books
Search CANNON CITY in the NOTES FIELD and 1895 in the YEAR FIELD.  This will show everyone in Cannon City Township in 1895.

Search CANNON CITY in the TOWNSHIP FIELD and 21 in the SECTION FIELD.  This will show everyone living in section 21 in Cannon City Township from the different books we have entered.

Population Lists
Search “People in Books” for the township in the “Notes” field and the year in the year field. Also enter section number, and it will show you everyone living in the section of the township.

Rural Schools
Search “People in Books” for “Dist. XX” or “No. XX” in the “Page” field to see the students in the years mentioned.

Search “Newspaper Articles” for “District No. XX” in the “Notes” field.

Sioux Massacre
Search the Last Name Field in the Newspaper Articles File for INDIAN.

Who’s Who in Rice County
Entered in “Obituaries”; search “Mea Who’s Who” in the notes field.

You can now search the following schools and years for students, etc in the People In Books File.

Example - Enter Faribault in the Book Field, 1950 in the Date Field and click search.  Search only the first name in the Book Field like Shattuck, Northfield, etc.

With the name of a selected school in the Book Field and a selected date in the Date Field and any of the following in the Township Field,  Student, Teacher, Staff, Faculty, 7, 8 Freshmen, Sophmore, Senior, School Board or School Bus Driver (Northfield Only)  and click search.

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