Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Unidentified Photos

In accessioning our photographs, we often come across photos that are unlabeled. Can you help us identify any of these photos?  (Click on each image for a larger view.)

The following 4 photos (and the one above) are of an unknown church and came with the 2003.58 accession. Can you recognize the church? Where is it?

The following photo may be from the Faribault Regional Center, but we are not sure. It came from the 197?.01 accession.

This may be the Morristown Barber Shop. Do you know for sure? It came from the 199?.13 accession.

Is this a school or confirmation class? Is it at the west entrance of the Faribault Junior High School? It also came from the 199?.13 accession.

Does anybody know who this man is?

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